Who regulates the service True Shepherd Clinic provides?
True Shepherd Clinic is regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council of Great Britain.

Does True Shepherd Clinic perform all clinical activities on-line?
Yes We do. Online consultations means that the patients don’t require a face to face appointment for their presenting complaint to be managed.

Can any condition be treated on this platform?
Our treatment page will inform you about the conditions which can be safely managed on this platform.

Does True Shepherd Clinic dispense medications?
No We don’t. We only consult & prescribe as deemed necessary.

Do you manage NHS patients and/or prescribe NHS prescriptions on this platform?
Unfortunately not at the present time as we don’t have a licensed contract to do so. We offer private consultations and issue private prescriptions when deemed necessary.

How do I obtain my prescription if advised after my consultation?
If you were formally referred to us via a community pharmacy, your prescription will be sent to the referring pharmacy & it will be dispensed by them. If you have self-referred to the service, your Rx will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

Who is responsible for consulting and prescribing on this platform?
A qualified Independent prescriber (I.P) with the right skills who can consult and prescribe safely.

Can an independent prescriber (I.P) prescribe all medications?
An I.P is qualified to prescribe most medications as long as it is within their scope of practice. However, on this platform, there will be some restrictions on what can or cannot be prescribed according clinical guidelines.

Will my G.P be notified about my consultation and management?
With your consent, we will send a brief analysis about your consultation and management to your G.P.

Are my clinical records/ date safe?
Your medical data is completely confidential and safe. Please review our “Privacy Policy” to find out more.